VSEP Leadership

Board of Directors

President: Liz Walsh – vegsocietyep@gmail.com
Vice President: Hal Marcus – halmarcus123@gmail.com
Recording Secretary: Patricia Medici – patmedici@aol.com
Treasurer: Sukie Sargent vsoep@aol.com

Members at large:

Jackie Cordova

Tom Linney

Jennifer Wright

Committee Chairs 

Send queries or information to vsep.reserve@gmail.com

Newsletter Editor: Lisa Martinez

Assistant Treasurer for Book Sales: Vacant
Bulk Mail Manager: Vacant
Calendar of Events: Lisa Martinez
Dinner Coordinator: Vacant
Dinner Reservations: Sukie Sargent vsoep@aol.com
Dinner Speaker Coordinator: Hal Marcus
Dining Guide Coordinator: Vacant
Feeding the Homeless: Tom Linney
Fundraising: Vacant
Fundraising at Events: Vacant
Historian: Vacant
Literature Secretary: Vacant
Lone Star Vegetarian Network Liaison: Lisa Martinez
Membership Chair: Sukie Sargent
Membership Recruitment Chair: Vacant
Office Manager:
Potluck Coordinator: Jennifer Wright
Phone Calls: Vacant
Publicity: Jorge Rodriguez
Restaurant Hoppers: Hal Marcus/Pat Medici
ACT Radio Show (Animal Concerns of Texas):

  • Liz Walsh
  • Tom Linney

Workshops & Cooking Classes: Vacant
VegNews Liaison: Sukie Sargent
Volunteer Coordinator: Tom Linney

Web Administrator: Isidro Chavez

FaceBook: Liz Walsh

Twitter: Liz Walsh