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Why our events are vegan

The Lone Star Vegetarian Network, a loosely-knit group of Texas vegetarian societies, was formed in 1989. There were four members that first year: Austin, Houston, San Antonio and South Texas (Brazoria County). There are now ten groups from around the state. Contact among the groups is important and, while each group maintains full autonomy, it is agreed that all vegetarian events hosted by Network member societies will be vegan (meaning, of course, that no animal products, including dairy and eggs) will be served. Society members are not required to be vegan, but it has been agreed that it is not unreasonable to expect members to enjoy vegan food only at such events.

This rule has occasionally been questioned by lacto-ovo-vegetarians. However, this rule is important for all the very same reasons we don’t eat meat. We all know how frustrating it is to have to ask, “Is there lard/meat stock/etc.” The decision has been made to allow our growing vegan membership the opportunity not to have to worry about dairy or egg products in the food at Network events. Vegan events are both supportive and educational, and vegetarian organizations need to be on the cutting edge. Thank you for your support!
~~ Shirley Wilkes-Johnson, Co-Founder, Lone Star Vegetarian Network

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