Restaurant Hoppers

What are Restaurant Hoppers?

The Vegetarian Society Restaurant Hoppers are just a group of people getting together for dinner. They are open to all (not just members).  There are no agendas and no speakers, just friendship, nice conversation, and an opportunity to explore vegan options at our local restaurants.

VSEP Restaurant Hoppers

Hopper Courtesy Reminder

PLEASE call Liz by noon the day of the hopper if you have reserved and then cannot make it. Her number is 915-342-7630. The restaurants set up a table for us which leaves less space to accommodate other customers and Saturday is a busy night for most restaurants. Some restaurants even make a special menu for us and order ingredients based on the number of people in the reservation. We need to be sure we do not inconvenience them or any other customers by taking away tables and chairs that are not needed.

Restaurant Hopper Courtesy Rules

  • Please order only vegan items.
  • Please make a reservation by the deadline if you would like to be seated with the group.
  • If you make a reservation, please be there and please show up on time.
  • If you are reserving on the day of the deadline, or cancelling the day of the hopper, please call Mike.
  • Do not forget to leave an adequate gratuity.  We always want to be welcomed back.
  • If you are happy with the restaurant, let the restaurant know.  If you are not happy, please let Mike know.
  • Last, but not least:  Enjoy!!!