Calendar of Events

 December Events

►Sunday, December 7, 2014 Vegan Holiday Potluck – home of Hal Marcus & Pat Medici
1319 N. Oregon
Look for the brick house on the corner of River and Oregon, just 3 blocks south of Schuster or 8 blocks north of Yandell. Park near their home along River Street or across the street at the Hal Marcus Gallery -1308 N. Oregon

· 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.
· RSVP, email or 373-7300. Deadline: Friday, Dec. 5.
· This will be a fun evening. Hal and Pat live in a fantasy filled 100 year old home near Sunset Heights with many fun and unusual features. The evening will include a tour of the Hal Marcus Gallery across the street.
· Hal & Pat will supply non-alcoholic beverages, recyclable plates, utensils, and cups. If you prefer to bring your own, that’s okay too. Feel free to bring your own alcoholic beverages.
· The theme is Vegan Holiday Potluck. Bring your favorite appetizer, main dish, side dish or deserts. All food must be vegan. Please bring a copy of your recipe to place alongside your dish. Please also avoid palm oil and trans fats, which are ingredients in many substitute foods and are harmful to the environment and our bodies.
· For questions, email our Potluck Coordinator, Jennifer at or 373-7300

Guidelines for Potluck Dinners

All dishes must be completely vegan – no exceptions. Food must not contain any flesh (fish, fowl or beast), eggs, dairy products or honey. This rule guarantees that everyone can eat everything (allergies & preferences aside).
Please watch out for hidden milk products, such as whey in cookies, crackers, bread and margarine, and casein or caseinate in “non-dairy” soy cheeses and whipped toppings. Some margarines contain gelatin. Also, be alert for eggs in baked goods, mayonnaise in salad dressings, and honey in breads, pastries and preserves.

Please prepare a 4×6 card with:
~Your name
~Name of the dish
~A list of all the ingredients
~The recipe on the back, indicating where the recipe came from (or if it is original).
Prepare enough to serve ten (10) people.
Please bring your own table setting as well as a serving utensil.
If you don’t feel like cooking, you may bring a green salad, chips & salsa, fruit, or another vegan munchie.
Your host will provide drinks.