From the Prez

Hi Everyone,

VSEP had a great spring, thanks to all of you for your commitment and participation in the Vegetarian Society of El Paso.  We learned about the state of the vegetarian/vegan movement from our own Greg Lawson, and how we can use psychology to help us be more effective advocates for animal- and earth-friendly lifestyles from Nick Cooney.  If you didn’t get a chance to attend the dinners, you might want to pick up a copy of one of Nick’s books (Change of Heart:  What psychology can tell us about spreading social change or Veganomics:  The surprising science of what motivates vegetarians from the breakfast table to the bedroom) for some fascinating summer reading.

If you would rather get out and mingle with like-minded (and fun) people, our restaurant hoppers are hopping and we now have a Vegan Drinks meetup!  We have enjoyed great food and conversation at several veggie friendly establishments.  And the number of restaurants featuring healthy vegetarian food in El Paso just keeps on increasing, providing more and more options.  This summer, we will meet at Eloise and Chut-ney.  For those of you that prefer being in the kitchen or want to utilize it more, join us for a food demonstration by Jackie from the Green Ingredient at a potluck featuring cool summer foods.  If you want to beat the heat in July, come inside for a dinner and a movie.  See our calendar for more information on these and other events.

We are starting to plan ahead for fall.  If you would like to get more involved, we could really use your help.  We are always being asked to host informational booths at health fairs and schools.  Many times we have to turn down these opportunities because of lack of volunteers that are available during “work hours.”  We also could use your help in organizing events for World Vegetarian Month in October and a number of other activities.  Come to the monthly Board meetings or contact a Board member for more information.  Help us keep the Vegetarian Socieity of El Paso visible in our community.

Hope to see you at a VSEP event this summer and stay cool,

Liz Walsh