From the Prez

After a relatively cool spring, temperatures are rapidly warming. April 2016 was the hottest April on record, and the trend will continue into the summer. There is now little doubt that our climate is changing. In the desert southwest, we will experience warmer temperature, and lower but more intense rainfall. What can we as individuals do to help slow climate change? The problem is daunting but there is one easy way to lessen your environmental footprint and reduce your personal carbon footprint – Go vegan!

The carbon footprint of a typical vegan is 0.5 times less than a vegetarian, and 2.5 times less than someone eating the typical western diet. Taking meat, dairy, and other animals products off your plate will not only reduce your carbon footprint but will also save lots of precious habitat and freshwater as well. VSEP has some great activities planned for summer that will help you reduce your footprint while enjoying delicious vegan food and great company!

In June, about 15 members will join Pat and Hal at their off-the-grid cabin in Cloudcroft to enjoy a day hiking, meditating, enjoying the serenity of nature and the cool mountain air, and eating a vegan lunch buffet. Sounds so refreshing! (Reservations are now closed so if you didn’t reserve for this year, put it on your calendar for next summer – like I will.) If you feel like chilling closer to home, join us for a cool cool pool potluck at the home of Jennifer Wright and Bob Paluzi. In July, we feature a restaurant hopper at Pho Tre Bien Bistro and a cooking class hosted by our own Greg Lawson. Hal Marcus and Pat Medici will host a Veggicana vegan Mexican potluck brunch at their home in early August. Round out the summer by joining us for our annual Dinner and Movie in August at La Terraza Mexican Restaurant. See our Calendar of Events for details and reservation information for all of these events.

And remember, summer is the perfect time to visit our local farmers markets for farm fresh fruits and veggies. While you are there be sure to support our local vegan bakers and other vendors.

Have a wonderful, earth friendly summer and hope to see you at one of our events!

Liz Walsh

VSEP President

P.S. Have some extra time this summer – volunteer with VSEP! See our open positions by going to and clicking on the VSEP leadership link.