Animal Rights

Animal Acres Farmed animal sanctuary and compassionate living center.
The Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy  Trainings, workshops, grant opportunities and other vegan outreach resources.
Animal Protection of New Mexico
Steve Best’s Home Page Great reading on the philosophy of AR and veganism
DawnWatch Newsletter about animal issues in the media
Farm Animal Reform Movement
Farm Sanctuary
Food Empowerment Project
Friends of Animals
Fund for Animals Operates the Black Beauty Ranch, a sanctuary for animals in Murchison, Texas
In Defense of Animals
Institute for Critical Animal Studies
Marine Animal Rescue
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
Primarily Primates
Vegetarians International Voice for Animals (VIVA!)


a trio of thoughts, blog by Len Frenkel
WildEarth Guardians An environmental activist group based in Santa Fe
EarthSave International founded by John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America

Vegetarian Societies

The Lonestar Vegetarian Network
Vegetarian Network of Austin (VNA)
Fort Worth Vegetarian Society
Vegetarian Society of Houston
San Antonio Vegetarian Society
Vegetarian Society of Dallas
North American Vegetarian Society
Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom
The Green People’s list of vegetarian societies in North America

Vegetarian Sites

DFW Vegetarian
EP Veg Snob A blog by El Pasoan Lisa Martinez about cooking and restaurant reviews through a vegetarian perspective.
The Vegetarian Pages A great index to all things Vegetarian
The Vegetarian Resource Group
International Vegetarian Union also available in Spanish.  Has a great section on the history of vegetarianism
Vegan.Com The website of Erik Marcus, author of Vegan: the New Ethics of Eating
Vegan Means
Vegan Outreach
VegFund.Org This organization makes it affordable for vegan activists to do effective outreach to the general public. Use their services to advance the many causes that plant-based foods address. Your Online Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants Around the World
VegSource Your Friendly Vegetarian Resource!
Vegan Action Homepage
Very Vegetarian Sites A large list of veg sites
Vegetarians in Paradise – Vegetarian Los Angeles Internet Magazine
Vegan Society
Vegan Street
The Vegetarian Channel
Vegetarian for Life – UK organization
Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG)
Vegetarian Stuff
Por Un Mundo Vegetariano
Dam Healthy

Books and Other Publications

The Fast Food Craze: Wreaking Havoc on Our Bodies and Our Animals by Tina Volpe
Lola Lollipop: Animals are Evil
Comic Strips and Quotes about Vegetarianism, Evil Farm Animals and Diabolical Sea Creatures
, by Lara Matthews
Plant Roots by Rex Bowlby
Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism by Mark Hawthorne


Not Milk? articles by Robert Cohen author of Milk: The Deadly Poison
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
ADA Vegetarian Food Pyramid and position statement –
Vegetarian Baby and Child
Nutrition Facts by Dr. Michael Greger, M.D. Public interest websited focused on growing and eating vegetables.


The Tofu and Miso Homepage
Veg Dining Guide
Vegetarian Times’ The Virtual Vegetarian website of Vegetarian Times magazine
VegWeb Recipe Page
Vitalita Culinary Group
Compassionate Cooks

Dining Guides
Vegetarian Travel Guide
The Happy Cow

Vegetarian Hotels


Links Collections – Vegeterian/Vegan Resources
Vegan Village

Vegan Shopping

Yves Veggie Cuisine all vegan pepperoni, Canadian bacon, hot dogs and more
The Mail Order Catalog yummy meat substitutes carries many meat substitutes
Vegetarian Dogs
Vegetarian Vitamin

Clothing and shoes

LaBante USA vegan handbags, computer bags, wallets
Vegan Wares vegan footwear
Vegetarian Shoes and Bags  Wide selection of 100% vegan and cruelty-free shoes and accessories for men and women. Products are guaranteed to be free of leather, suede, wool and silk. A generous portion of their profits are donated to multiple animal charities.

Vegan Divine  An online store that retails all vegetarian (vegan), organic, earth and natural gifts and gift baskets.

Vegan Essentials
Green People
Blue Sage Soap All natural, hand made vegan soaps

News and Media

Animal Concerns of Texas (ACT) Radio
Environmental News Network Good source of news about animals and environmental issues
Go Vegan Radio
Satya: A Magazine of Vegetarianism, Environmentalism and Animal Advocacy
Vegetarian Times
VegNews Magazine