Local Dining Guide

While El Paso does not yet have a vegetarian restaurant, the following places are vegetarian/vegan friendly. Most of the restaurants listed here have been Restaurant Hoppers locations. Vegan dishes are marked with (V). Menu items and their preparation can change quickly, so be sure to discuss your food preferences ahead of time with your server, or better still, call ahead. If you visit a restaurant and find menu changes, we would appreciate your feedback. Also, if you would like to add a restaurant to our list, please e-mail us at vsep.reserve@gmail.com.

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Andre’s Pizza
7000 Westwind Dr. 833-0255
Website: http://andrespizza.net/
Vegetarian and vegan pizza, salads and sandwiches upon request.

Ardovino’s Pizza
206 Cincinnati 532-9483
1879 N. Zaragoza 856-9111
865 N. Resler 760-6000
Website: http://www.ardovinospizza.com/
Vegetarian Sandwich (Vegan on white roll w/o cheese); Joanna’s Pizza;
Request vegetarian and vegan pizzas; salads, desserts

Cielo Vista Natural Market
8900 Viscount, Suite A-P 590-3500
Website: www.cielovistanaturalmarket.com
Request vegan or vegetarian smoothies, soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps.

630 Sunland Park Dr 760-4889
Variety of vegetarian breakfast foods including Veggie Omelet, pancakes,
and oatmeal. Veginini Panini (vegans ask for no cheese, pesto or butter),
Tomato Basil Soup, Fruit Cup(V), French Fries, Onion Rings.
Request salads without meat.  Foods are fried in Canola Oil.

Geske’s Fire Grill
1506 Lee Trevino, Suite C 593-3473
Website: http://www.geskesgrill.com/
Starters, sides, salads, veggie sandwich,
Vegetarian Platter(V), sweets

The Green Ingredient
201 E. Main Street, Suite 112 298-1010
Website: http://greeningredienteatery.com/
Healthy vegan and vegetarian breakfast and lunch options, including raw vegan dishes.

Greenery Restaurant and Market
750 Sunland Park Dr. (Sunland Park Mall) 584-6706
Website: http://www.gotogreenery.com/
Appetizers, pizzas, premium salads, pastas, sandwiches, quiche & crepes.  Vegetarian and vegan friendly menu changes often.  Request vegan dishes.

Hello Day Cafe
209 S. El Paso Street 532-3361
Website: http://hellodaycafe.com/
Omelettes, Vegan Nachos (V), Pickle De Gallo (V), Poutine (V), Guacamole (V), Black Bean Patty Burgers, The Big Jerk Sandwich (V), Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Falafel Wrap, desserts.

The Groovy Smoothie
Inside Push Fitness West 6100 Dew Dr. (915)532-0362
Website: http://thegroovysmoothiecafe/ 
100% vegan cafe & green smoothie bar. Tacos, salads, vegan lattes, vegan nachos, protein-chia waffles & handmade drinks.

The Hoppy Monk
4141 N. Mesa 307-3263
Website: http://thehoppymonk.com/ 
Tofu Wings, Variety of Salads, Veggie Monk Burger, Variety of Vegan Beers.

The Mustard Seed
1140 St. Vrain St. 915-440-SEED (7333)
Website: http://mustardseedcafe.org/ 
Soups, special vegan items include sandwiches and three bean salad

Magic Bistro
5034 Doniphan Dr
Veggie Burger, Eggplant Sandwich, and Vegetarian Wrap

Nolita Corner Bistro
420 E. San Antonio
El Paso, TX 79901
Veggie Burger (portabello mushroom), veggie panini, garden wrap and other veggie options.

The Pizza Joint
2900 N. Mesa, Suite F 533-4066
Website: www.the-pizza-joint.com
Veggie Pizzas available with vegan red sauce and vegan cheese.  You may also bring your own vegan cheese.  Salads.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop
1373 George Dieter Drive 590-2600
Website: www.potbelly.com
Mediterranean Sandwich (vegan w/o feta); Chickpea Veggie Salad (vegan w/o egg and blue cheese);
Three vegan soups: Garden Vegetable, Spicy Black Bean & Roasted Tomato

The Ripe Eatery
910 E. Redd Road
(Corner of Redd and Westwind)
584-RIPE (7473)
Website: http://eatripe.com/
Veggie, Florentine & Portabella Omelets; Veggie Hash;
variety of pancakes; appetizers; salads; Cheesy Sandwich;
Quinoa Tabouli(V); Garden Veggie Sandwich (vegan without
cheese or pesto); Ripe’s Veggie Burger; Curried Coconut
Veggie Tagine(V); Mushroom Risotto; Portabella “Rockafeller;”
Substitute portabella cap for any burger patty
sandwich at no extra charge.

Ruli’s International Kitchen
4176 N Mesa 541-9990
Website: http://rulisik.com/
Portabello Mushroom Sandwich (vegan w/o cheese), French Fries (V), Pasta Rustica.  Vegetarian Items marked with a V on menu.  

Souper Salad
7105 N. Mesa St. 833-5395
8900 Viscount Blvd. 594-6617
Website: http://www.soupersalad.com/
Salad bar, pasta salads, potatoes, soups, breads.
Some items like cornbread and soups are labeled
vegan or vegetarian.

Tom’s Folk Cafe´
204 Boston Avenue 500-5573
Website: http://www.tomsfolkcafe.com/
Veggie Burger(V), Ratatouille(V), Vegan Terrine(V), Vegetarian Special every Tuesday night!


Coffee Shops & Deli Eateries

The Bagel Shop
3800 N. Mesa St. 532-7070
10060 Rushing, Ste. 1 751-7099
Website: http://www.elpasobagels.com/
Variety of vegetarian and vegan bagels, veggie sandwich, desserts

255 Shadow Mountain, Suite A (near Mesa) 581-2441
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Eloiseelpaso
Vegan soups, raw vegan lasagna, roasted poblano stuffed with tofu and mushrooms, veggie sandwich. Vegan cheese. Almond butter.  Soy, coconut and almond milk available.  Menu does change seasonally, so above dishes may not be available all the time.  Meatless Mondays offer a 10% discount on vegan and vegetarian menu items!

Kinley’s House
2231 N. Mesa 838-7177
Website: http://www.kinleyshouse.com/
Soy lattes(V), bagels, crepes, cupcakes (ask about daily vegan varieties), Crys Salad (V), Lorraine Salad (vegan w/o cheese), Japanese Veggie Sandwich , Veggie Noodle Bowl (V)

Spec’s Liquor Deli
655 Sunland Park 584-1008
Website: http://www.specsonline.com/
Veggie Delight (Vegans ask for no goat cheese),
Veggie Burger(Vegans ask for no cheese),Tots(V), Fried Veggies, French Fries(V)



China House
420 E. Redd Rd. 585-8878
Website: http://www.chinahousetx.com/
Steamed Soy Beans(V); Crispy
Spring Rolls(V); House Veggie Soup(V);
Extensive Vegetarian & Tofu Menu with
many vegan dishes. Tempura Sauce and Brown Sauce
are Soy Based(V). White Sauce has a cream base.
Fried dishes are cooked in vegetable oil, and
other menu items may be made with tofu instead of
meat upon request.

Dragonfly Wine & Sushi Bistro
5500 Doniphan , Ste. E-F 478-6667
Several vegan dishes, including Green Spinach Ramen, Sushi Rolls, Veggie Rolls, appetizers and dessert.

Japanese Kitchen
4024 N. Mesa St. 533-4267
Vegetables and tofu dishes, fried rice, white rice (V)
(Vegans ask that dishes be cooked with oil instead of butter.)

Oriental Cafe
931 N. Resler Suite 107 581-2702
Spring Rolls(V), Vegetable Lo Mein, Egg Fried Rice, Vegetable Fried Rice, Steamed Rice(V), Mixed Vegetables(V), Hunan Tofu(V),  Tofu Homestyle(V), The Healthy Vegetarian Food Menu has 20 Vegetarian and Vegan Items. 

Pei Wei Asian Diner
Westside — The Promenade
7500 N Mesa St, #101 581-8540
Eastside — Las Palmas Marketplace
1325 George Dieter Dr, #K 591-2006
Website: http://www.peiwei.com
Vegetable Spring Rolls, Edamame, Japanese Teriyaki Bowl (V), a variety of
Signature Dishes with tofu or tofu and vegetables (V), white and brown rice (V)

Peking Garden
3306 Fort Blvd. 565-9090
1810 Trawood 593-4900
1831 N. Zaragoza 855-2866
Variety of vegetable and tofu dishes (V) (specify w/o oyster sauce).
May request steamed vegetables.

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
760 Sunland Park Dr. 845-0166
Website: http://www.pfchangs.com/index.aspx
Vegetarian menu is vegan, except fried rice (contains egg):
Tofu(V), vegetables(V), steamed rice(V), noodles(V),
spring rolls(V), appetizers(V), sides(V)

Pho Tre Bein
8838 Viscount Blvd. 598-0166
Website: http://www.photrebien.com
Vegetarian menu is vegan.
Includes a variety of tofu dishes (V), vegetables (V),
Soy meat and Potatoes (V), eggrolls (V), soups (V),
vegetarian crepe (V), springrolls (V)

Quick Wok
1320 Lomaland Dr.595-0717
1700 N. Zaragoza Rd. 856-9558
Website: http://www.quik-wok.com/
Chinese Mixed Vegetables (V), Broccoli w/Garlic Sauce (V)
Tofu Homestyle (V), Snow Peas & Mushrooms (V), Mapo Tofu (V)

Saigon Taste
6940 N. Mesa 760-6026
Everything on the vegetarian menu is
vegan except the Crispy or Soft Noodles (egg) with
Tofu and Mushrooms. This menu includes a variety
of tofu dishes (V), Vegetarian Pan Cake (V), Veggie Springrolls (V),
Fried Potatoes and Soymeat (V), veggie soups (V).

Sam’s Chinese Restaurant
1501 E. Yandell Drive 577-0961
Website: http://www.eatatsams.com/
Vegetarian Delight (V), Eggplant w/ Spicy Garlic Sauce(V),
Family Style Bean Cake(V), Broccoli w/Spicy Sauce(V),
Vegetarian Mu Shu, Shanghai Tofu(V), Asparagus w/ Black Bean(V),
Egg Rolls, Avocado Rolls(V), Fried Rice, White Rice(V)

Singapore Café
4120 N. Mesa 533-2889
Website: http://www.thesingaporecafe.com/
Vegetarian menu items can be ordered vegan.
Menu includes a variety of tofu dishes and
noodle soup. Some dishes may use eggs or fish sauce,
so be sure to specify your preferences. Several
dishes from the regular menu may be ordered with tofu
instead of meat.

+Read the EP Veg Snob’s (Lisa Martinez) Review of the Singapore Café

Sun Garden Chinese Bistro
6600 N. Meso, Suite 501 585-8898
Vegetarian Menu. Vegans request no egg in Fried Rice. May request tofu instead of meat in regular menu items.

Tara Thai
2606 N. Mesa 533-1300
Website: http://www.tarathairestaurant.com/
Thai dishes can be made with tofu (V) instead
of meat. Salad (V), desserts

True Thai Restaurant
4309-B Fred Wilson Ave. 564-4300
Thai dishes can be made with tofu (V) instead
of meat. Salad (V), desserts

Yamato Japanese Restaurant
Website: http://yamatorestaurantep.com/
2500 N. Mesa, Suite E 351-2415
White Rice(V), Vegetable Fried Rice (Vegans ask for no egg), Hijiki(V), Wakame(V), Horenso(V), Moyashi(V), Edamame(V), Kappa Maki(V), Yakisoba w/Vegetable(V), Agedashi Tofu(V), Inari(V), Vegetables only Oshinko(V). Will make California roll w/tofu, carrot, avocado, cucumber, and no crab or cream cheese(V).



5435 N. Mesa Suit B, 587-7788
Starters: Appetizers, soups,
vegetable dish menu, beverages, desserts.
Request vegan dishes w/o ghee, milk or yogurt.
Bhel Poori(V), Onion Baji, Potato Pakora(V),
Palak (Spinach) Pakora(V), Samosa(V),
Gobi Machurian(V), Plain Utappam(V),
Chili & Onion Utappam(V), Vegetable Utappam(V),
Mysore Masala Dosa, Dosa, Rava Masala Dosa,
Plain Dosa, Bangan Barta, Chana Masala,
Veg Curry(V), Veg Jalfrazie Bendi Masala(V)
Bangalore Mirch Masala, Masal Bagar Dal(V),
Sambar(V), Tandoori Roti(V), South Indian
(served with Coconut Chetny and Sambar) Idli(V),
Medu Vada(V), Veg Biryani and rice dishes,
Tandoori breads.

India Palace
5380 N. Mesa 833-2245
Website: http://www.indiapalaceelpaso.com/
Appetizers, soups, vegetable dish menu, rice, chef’s specialties,
Biryani and rice dishes, Tandoori breads, extras,
beverages, desserts. Request vegan dishes w/o ghee,
milk or yogurt.



Café Italia
6705 N. Mesa 832-0587
Website: http://www.elpasocafeitalia.com/
Salad, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, desserts
Marinara Pizza(V)

1201 Airway 778-7771
675 Sunland Park Dr. 581-7042
Website: http://www.carinos.com/page/home
Pizza, variety of vegetarian pasta dishes, desserts. Special order whole-wheat penne pasta with marinara, tomato sauce, or garlic and olive oil (V). Salad with house vinaigrette and w/o cheese or croutons(V). Specify vegetables cooked w/o butter or cheese(V).

 Hello Pizza
1071 Country Club Road
(River Run Plaza) 581-5000
Pizza, Veggie Lasagna, Ziti, Potato Knish(V), Desserts. Vegans call a day in advance to special order Eggplant Milanese (Eggplant without dairy). Also, vegans may special order Veggie Crustless Pizza(V) or other pizzas without cheese.

Pasta Avanti
8001A North Mesa (At Mesa & Crossroads) 875-0002
Website: http://www.pastaavanti.com
Vegetarian pasta dishes, Eggplant Parmegiana, desserts, Vegetarian Pizza (vegan w/o cheese), Homemade Bread (vegan w/o butter) and Marinara Sauce (V), Rigatoni w/ Marinara Sauce (V), Spaghetti w/ Garlic and Olive Oil, Mushrooms or Marinara Sauce (V), Spaghetti Artichoke Hearts (V); Garden Salad–Ask for no pepperoni!



Jerusalem Grill
5360 N. Mesa St., Suite H 231-9600
Wide variety of vegetarian dishes, including
appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, desserts.
Vegans request dishes w/o yogurt.
Spanakopita (V), Falafel (V), Falafel w/ Hummus Sandwich (V)

Mediterranean Cuisine
4111 N. Mesa St. 542-1012
Website: http://www.mediterraneancuisineelpaso.com/
Vegetarian Platter Menu (request vegan dishes w/o yogurt), Veggie Sandwich, Vegetarian Lasagna, Falafel (V), Hummus (V), Tabouleh (V), Fava Beans (V), Pita Bread (V), Stuffed Grape Leaves (V), Libyan Soup (V), Lentils Soup (V), salads, desserts.

Nour Mediterranean Café
3800 N. Mesa St., C-10 351-9757
Appetizers: Hummus(V), Spicy Hummus(V), Baba Ghannouj(V), Falafel(V), Labneh, Feta Cheese, Tomato Kibbe(V) Potato Harrah(V), Grape Leaves(V). Soup and Salad: Tabbouli(V), Fattoush(V), House Lebanese Salad(V), Yogurt Cucumber Salad, Lentil Soup(V). Sandwiches: Falafel. Vegetarian Combo Plate(V). Side Orders: French Fries(V), Basmati Rice(V), Desserts, Smoothies.

Salma Farah’s Mediterranean
4126 N. Mesa St., #G 544-4404
Falafel(V), Hummus(V), Tabouli(V),
Lentil Soup(V), Greek Salad,
House Salad(V), Tomato Basil Soup,
Eggplant w/ Black Olive Pesto,
Green Beans(V).

2716 N. Mesa St. 351-1350
Salads, Falafel Sandwich(V), Falafel w/Hummus (V), Grape Leaves
Stuffed w/Rice (V), Vegetarian Plate (V), Falafel Platter (V), French Fries (V), desserts

Zino’s Greek and Mediterranean Cuisine
Colony Cove Shopping Center
7040 N. Mesa, Suite H 584-8166
Website: http://www.myzinos.com/
Falafel(V), Dolmades(V), Hummus(V), Baba Ganouj(V),
Spanakopita, Zino’s Fries, Tzatziki,
Falafel Sandwich, Vegetarian Combo Platter,
Penne Alfredo, desserts.



Casa Jurado
4772 Doniphan Dr. 833-1151
Refried beans; rice(V); tortillas (V)
Spinach Enchiladas; Enchiladas de Calabacitas; Enfrijoladas;
Bean or Guacamole Tostadas Tipicas,
Burritos, and Tacos. Some dishes may come with whole beans
which are NOT vegetarian, so specify side dishes.
Vegans request no cheese on above items.

Chipotle Mexican Grill
2900 N. Mesa St., H-I 351-9361
Website: www.chipotle.com
Burritos, Burrito Bowl, Tacos and Salad ordered with Vegetarian Black Beans(V), Cilantro-Lime Rice(V), Chips(V), Guacamole(V), Salsa(V), Cheese, Sour Cream.

Los Bandidos de Carlos y Mickey’s
1310 Magruder St. 778-3323
Tortillas (V), refried beans (vegan w/o cheese),
rice (V), Chiles Rellenos, Bean & Cheese Burrito,
Chile Relleno Burrito, Cheese Enchiladas w/ or w/o sauce,
Caldo de Verduras (V), Cucumber/Pineapple Cocktail (V),
Veggie Chimichanga

Mercado Mayapan
2101 Myrtle 915-532-6206
Website: http://www.mercadomayapan.org
Blog: http://lamujerobrera.wordpress.com/
Vegetarian Fridays! The food court is
offering an all vegetarian food menu
every Friday. Vegetarian friendly menu
Saturdays and Sundays!

Helpful Hints

  • Most steakhouses have good salad bars and serve a variety of veggies, yet we will not list any restaurant that includes “Steak” or other (dead or alive) animal descriptions in their name.
  • Watch for “House” dressings and sauces that have meat or fish in them!
  • Vegetable soups are frequently made with animal-based stock. Ask!
  • Some restaurants cook their grains in beef or chicken broth. In Asian cuisine, fried rice often contains eggs, finely diced pork, chicken or other meats and dishes often contain oyster sauce! Sometimes even items labeled “vegetarian” are served with brown sauce made with beef stock or white sauce made with chicken stock. Also, ask for vegetables to be rinsed in clear broth instead of an animal broth!
  • In Mexican cuisine, refried beans, tortillas and tostadas often contain lard, and the Spanish rice is made with chicken stock. Chile sauces are often made with a beef, chicken or or pork base. Ask!
  • Only some of the dishes listed here are specified as vegan (V), although additional ones, especially Asian dishes, may very well be. To be on the safe side, always ask your server.

Published by:
The Vegetarian Society of El Paso
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E-mail: VegSocietyEP@gmail.com ~ www.vsep.org

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